Cool article in Wired about Google


Your good friend and mine Tim O'Reilly talks about The Evolution of Online Distribution. Go read.


A bunch of stuff shamelessly ripped off from NTK

send http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio2/shows/terry_wogan/ "to a
friend", watch BBC mercilessly censor own URL... not very
puerile GOOGLE misspelling, but still quite an funny one:
http://www.google.com/search?q=%22qaulity+assurance%22 (see
also "quality asurance", "quality assuance", "quality
assurace", "quality assurane" etc) - and just for old times'
sake: http://www.google.com/search?q=%22Wayne+Kerr%22 ...
"Java" compatible: http://www.ntk.net/2002/11/29/dohnort.gif -
use for optimising performance of Breville's new fax-blender:
http://www.ntk.net/2002/11/29/dohblend.gif ... ironic use of
"Title here"?: http://www.atacama.co.uk/ ... "remember your
descendants" page: http://www.gazprom.ru/eng/ecology/ to be
"available later"... one suspect "linked to al Qaeda" (pic):
... bit of politics: http://www.ntk.net/2002/11/29/dohis.gif ...


Umm, I haven't written anything since October because I was too petrified to move in the run up to and the aftermath of the yankee election. Yeah, that's the ticket. On that note:
The Onion - What Do You Think? Republicans Take The Senate
Curious George W.


OK, maybe I talk about the whole copyright thing too much. Anyway,here is a letter to Steve Gilmor @ InfoWorld that seems well written.

Can someone tell me why patents last for 17 years but copyright lasts 95?


Todays links are sponsored by the letters A and Z and by the number of idiots who need post-natal abortions.

A quick primer on how to run a succesful record company at the start of the internet age.

Did you ever wonder about how they actually make those commercials we all know and love?


Way back in 1996 I read an article about privacy and the future by David Brin in Wired. I found it again today and present the link for your perusal. Enjoy.


The latest Switch parody has some very important things to say.


And now, back to our regularly scheduled laughter. Truly, it will be a sad day when The Daily Show stops.


Here is a press release from the President of the Consumer Electronics Association concerning the war between content and consumers.

Not that I am biased.


Huh. An entry on Kuro5hin about a possible unopened chamber in the Great Pyramid of Cheops.


OK. This guy is funny. I still have tears in my eyes.


Ook ook ook. Ook The Young Ones ook!
I am sooooo happy.

Something like this I guess.

I am leaving the link to satirewire in my list even though it is no more. :-(

Flashback: goats talks about customers. I said goats, not (very disturbing) goats (really, I mean it!)


50 reasons why LOTR was flawed.

Peace be unto Isa for the link.


The Canadian government wants all service providers to maintain 6 month logs of all web traffic reports Declan McCullagh in one of his politech columns.

Another section of the proposal says the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police recommends "the establishment of a national database" with personal information about all Canadian Internet users. "

Included is a mail link to comment on this attrocious waste of money and egregious infringement on privacy.


Back away folks! I am connected to the rich and powerful.


If you only read one web-graphic-novellette about whales and orgasms today ...


Addendum to the melting point thing.
Read this now.

If you don't like it, chances are I don't like you. Not that you care, of course, your kind rarely do.

Crazy Apple Rumors Site. Welcome, Nude Readers!

This is why I never once actually measured a melting point during my halcyon days in Biochem.

I used to hate this guy. Now he's not so bad.


Now this is cool. Tank armour that works against RPGs.


Finally! Chapter 6 is here.


Rip, Mix, Burn: The Politics of Peer to Peer and Copyright Law by Kathy Bowrey and Matthew Rimmer


Now this is funny.

Long live MLP!

Oh yeah. We've all seen it, but we may have forgotten to save it for future perusal. Rejected

thx to aaaaahn-christine for that one.

And people say that the craftsman is dying out in this age of mass production.
Not true. Take these pork rinds for example ...

Mi Amor; Or Death by Water Pik
Not to Be Denied

I guess he is Leon, the Amateur.


From the people who brought you Ping: The Magic Duck.

Here it is: Stephen Wolfram's A New Kind Of Review

Here's an interesting piece about banning cars and buses at Zion National Park in Utah and how this actually increased the number of visitors.

Poke Me


A quick high-school level intro to Islam with emphasis on correcting current (American) misconceptions.


A moment of reflection folks. Here it is: my first link.



Yup, this is where I attempt to control your thoughts, your emotions, your morality, your body temperature, your net worth, even the very air you breathe (tricky).