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Off the airwaves, onto the web, nothing but link.


Freedom to Tinker

So instead of talking about copyright, I'll let someone else do the talking.

Science & Tech. at Scientific American.com: The Myth of the Beginning of Time

An article at Scientific American.com on the subject of cosmology raises an interesting idea -- String theory suggests that the big bang was not the origin of the universe but simply the outcome of a preexisting state. There are a bunch of other feature articles at the bottom of the page that are interesting too ... check out the one about wolves at Yellowstone.


Occupation: Girl - Troy in Fifteen Minutes

This is spittingly funny.


RIAA accounting practices considered harmful

Today's Good Morning Silicon Valley has a heap o' links about how RIAA bases their sales figures on distributor-to-store shipments and not POS figures. Seems that if you look at POS figures sales have actually increased. So there.


But ...

It doesn't handle <pre> blocks very well. Nor does it handle long words. Wrapping sucks. I shall endeavour to be clever. (and fail, oh yes)
Oh well, as they always say, it's the endeavour that counts in horseshoes.

Dead saxy

Mah new template is daid saxy



It seems that I am a twit. The presence of an email address has resulted in (*gasp*) spam. So I changed my template a tiny, wee, bit.