Dracos - What Can We Do About Terrorism?

That guy who scraped the Odeon.uk website and made it useable and was thanked by them and then threatened with a law suit by them has a post up by a USAF pilot (who flew 101 missions over Vietnam) about what he thinks: What Can We Do About Terrorism


The Obsessively Annotated Introduction to the INDUCE Act

Corante (Tech News. Filtered Daily) does a bang up job of providing sub-text to a reading of Senator Hatch's introduction to the Induce Act.


More dreaming whale related content

Do you remember this? Well, there is more. Of course we are well past October, 2003, but that's ok.

So I don't forget again

A link to a database of movie samples in music.


Finally! An update.

Possibly the best general programming book of all time has just been updated.