Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman writing in The Matrix world.


Red Herring on file swapping

Interesting article that talks about "agency costs" and "implicit contracts" -- cool stuff.



Keep yerself up to date on the latest in the SCO vs IBM thing.


Neil Gaiman

I am glad that he has successfully bred, and that he is still young enough to keep amusing me for many decades to come.

From his blog
Still, if I refrain from talking a lot during the day I should be able to do the reading tonight, using lots of ginger and lemon and honey and things. I hope.

(I suppose the alternative, if it doesn't fix, is they could cross out "reading" and put "pained whispering" instead. As in "Oh yes, I attended the Neil Gaiman Charlotte Novello Festival pained whispering. It was... interesting...")


PBS | I, Cringely . Archived Column

This guy Robert Cringely says entertaining things in his weekly column. Start here. PBS | I, Cringely . Son of Napster


Just checkin' out the Jellyfish as a template.

After doing my bit to reduce the terrible waste on non-renewable bandwidth I have replaced my net connection with a live-tree/lobotomized-morse-beaver ethernet bridge.


http://www.thingsmygirlfriendandihavearguedabout.com/ (follow the link when he tells you to, it's worth it)
Astronomy Picture of the Day

New Zealand TV throws up the wrong graphic.

Welcome to NaDa
(kinda reminds me of http://www.zombo com)


Kevin Mitnick needs to learn a thing or two about security.
A crab learns the hard way about Pascal's Law.
Bruce Sterling writes about Dial-a-mobs.
The Year the Music Dies


Umm, hackers deleted January.
<voice="StrongBad">Man, I had some of the most awesome posts in there!</voice>

Anyway, to save this one for posterity we have John Snyder (president of Artist House Records) giving his view on The State Of The Record Biz