Way back in 1996 I read an article about privacy and the future by David Brin in Wired. I found it again today and present the link for your perusal. Enjoy.


The latest Switch parody has some very important things to say.


And now, back to our regularly scheduled laughter. Truly, it will be a sad day when The Daily Show stops.


Here is a press release from the President of the Consumer Electronics Association concerning the war between content and consumers.

Not that I am biased.


Huh. An entry on Kuro5hin about a possible unopened chamber in the Great Pyramid of Cheops.


OK. This guy is funny. I still have tears in my eyes.


Ook ook ook. Ook The Young Ones ook!
I am sooooo happy.

Something like this I guess.

I am leaving the link to satirewire in my list even though it is no more. :-(

Flashback: goats talks about customers. I said goats, not (very disturbing) goats (really, I mean it!)