Things that make you go hmmm.

I was hoping to find something sad so I could make my entire entry "Jesus wept" to go along with todays theme of really short entries but I came across this instead.

Dare we compare, milk with aero.

Although I guess
Jesus wept
would have worked just as well.

More info here.

Wired News: God, Send a Realistic Tech Flick

What he say.


Well, actually, less pain.


Hey! Flags-of-all-nations!

Someone pulled something funny out of their sleeve.

Marillion: appetite for resurrection | The Register

Article on The Reg about how 80's band Marillion are managing to get on the UK charts with no help from the labels. Some of frontman Steve Hogarth's views on the current situation, advice for young bands.


These russian guys are charging $5/100MB of music/video. They _say_ they are legit. The Sydney Morning Herald has an article about them.


BBC NEWS | Technology | 'Laser vision' offers new insights

OK. This is seriously cool. And, more importantly, it means that monocles may be coming back into style!



Is Cold Fusion Heating Up?

An article in TechnologyReview (an MIT publication) about growing curiousity and possible DoE funding. 15 years later on, people are getting interesting and reprducible experimental results. Buy shares in companies that produce Palladium.


UK public wants ID cards, and thinks we'll screw up the IT | The Register

A little more cotton wool to wrap the whole national ID issue.

BBC NEWS | Technology | Hard drive speed limit is reached

Apparently it is 435 Gb/s. But that is also per head. And frankly, with 4 heads writing to 2 double sided platters each wrting at 50 GB/s I'm not worried. Remember that HD DVDs are ~25GB/layer, so if I can read/write 4 HD DVDs to disk in one second I think I'll be doing OK. Of course, Doom 8 will be a bit choppy ...

BBC NEWS | Politics | Public 'happy to carry ID cards'

A report that says that 80% of people polled in the UK back a national ID card scheme irritates me. Since I haven't seen any empirical evidence that ID cards can prevent terrorism, and since security professionals whose opinion I trust say otherwise, I have to question the context of the poll. What were the questions that were asked? How much information do the people who were polled have on security in general and identity in particular?

This is merely symptomatic of the inability of most current news distribution systems to educate.


Copyfight: Bad Faith Fair Use

Copyfight: Bad Faith Fair Use is a blog entry ... read it if you feel like it. It's about fair use of material that was illegally distributed.


Europe demands open-to-all DRM tech

An article in the Reg (Biting the hand that feeds IT) talks about a European commisioner who wants to trade a pan-european licensing scheme for media, but only if the DRM schemes that access the licensing scheme are interoperable. Nice. He also talked about balance between authors/copyright holders and commercial users. Balance is a good thing.

Netfilter gets preliminary injunction against GPL infringer

The organization that makes an important aspect of Linux netowrking security has been granted preliminary injunction against a wireless access router manufacturer. This happened last week. Sorry about the dealy.

EPA Approved ICBMs

How very very thoughtful of them.



Hmmm. Amazon have wrapped google with some extra stuff. I might actually use this.

Update [20.APR.2004 - 18:30 EDT]
I've just remembered that I trust Google a lot more than I trust Amazon. Some people talk about it here. The long and the short of it is that Amazon links all of your websearches to your Amazon account. The one with mailing address and credit card info. On the other hand, it does have 'people who visited this site also visit...' which is pretty amazingly cool. Curse them!

Argue about that misplaced trust with me using my brand spanking new email address:



criticalviewer: A Busy Person's Guide to the Bush Press Conference

Ah, now I understand. Before, gibberish, but now, just stupidity


Burger King

My respect for them has increased. They have made available to you aSubservient Chicken.


Homestar Runner Wiki

For all your Homestar Runner inquiries, consult the Homestar Runner Wiki : Homestar Runner Wiki


Elf Only Inn

Tycho was right, Elf Only Inn is really funny. To people of a certain mindset.

Our future weight could be set in first weeks of life.

Internet was unavailable to me on Friday. Life is hard.
Anyway, an article in Science as reported by the BBC says it's not my fault.