DIY coverage | RNC

This is obviously time sensitive, but here is a blog entry that has a bunch of links to coverage of the RNC in New York.

The Squirrel Thing

A motorcycle rider has fun with a squirrel.

The Memory Hole > Justice Department Censors Supreme Court Quote

The Memory Hole > Justice Department Censors Supreme Court Quote What a bunch o' .


Wired News: Broadcast Treaty Battle Rages On

<sings> And now, the end is near, the time has come, to face the final curtain ... </sings>

'Rivers believes the next six months are critical, not just for this treaty but for WIPO's credibility as a treaty-making organization. If a diplomatic conference fails or is not convened by 2006, he said, "It isn't going to get done."'

Wouldn't _that_ be sweet?


Another blog I found on the Blogscanada website. Cool.


Yes indeedy, one of my favourite canukcian musicians, Matthew Good, has got hisself a blog. Check it out.



Johnny Theremin

In Chapter Five Johnny learns to snorkel, and The Faceless Chickens make their first move.

LawMeme - The LawMeme Reader's Guide to Ernie Miller's Guide to the INDUCE Act

Ernie Miller is a writer at Corante. He does The Importance Of ... and also contributes to Copyfight. Over at LawMeme James Grimmelman (some guy, you aren't supposed to recognise the name) has written and keeps updated LawMeme - The LawMeme Reader's Guide to Ernie Miller's Guide to the INDUCE Act

Bjork is cool

An interview with Bjork about all sorts of things.

So it seems that an unpatched XP machine lasts less than a minute on the MIT network

Kernel 2.6 has support for writing NTFS partitions. Install the machine with the ethernet cable unplugged, and then boot into knoppix (for KDE fans) or gnoppix (for gnome fans) and download the patches safely. Here's more from our friends at O'Reilly. Tim, not Bill.

Reason: The Vets' Case: A detailed analysis of the Swift Boat affair

Well, it isn't really, but it's a fun read and Reason as a whole can be interesting.


Cool exploding bridge story

I sure hope he can sell the picture for at least the replacement value of $15 000 worth of camera.

The Monkey King

Text and water colours reveal the intriguing tale. Mohnkeh!

The Morning News

File under humour. Black and white and read all over. That's their motto, honest. But funny nevertheless.

The New Hampshire Gazette

Home of the chickenhawk database.


Aaaaaaaaaah! Everybody out of de water! Greenlandiva coming!

Orwell was right. Language shapes thought

There is this deep jungle amazon tribe that doesn't have any words for numbers higher than 2. A researcher shows them 4 apples and tells them to make a pile with the same number of apples. Hilarity ensues.


Ale & Whores!

There are some in the world who, if they knew of it's existance, would say that it would be appropriate for me to wear it.

Those nancy boy highland pipers.

If yez wants te learn more about a real pipe then why not try here? No offense to the Scots. Some of my best friends are Scotch. Mr. Macallan's 25 yr old daughter for instance :)


Big Dead Place

Cuz Antarctica isn't only cold, it's cool

Googlebashing the Athens 2004 web site

Since the kids from the official site want to control how people link to it, the other kids from MonkeyFilter are suggesting the people try to googlebash them with crass spectacle. Sounds good to me.

Remember kids, buy local.

Sewage waters a tenth of world's irrigated crops

2 cool things

The ActionScript Jabberwocky. I need the t-shirt _now_.
Make your shell a text adventure game


CBC News: Turkmenistan leader bans makeup on TV

At last, a dictator with style


You've been soverized!

Bush on Native American Issues

Just as good as "Fool me once."

The Decline and Fall of civilized society

BBC NEWS | Politics | Arrests for all offences proposed Roight. On another note, I apologize for not posting more. Blogger doesn't support secure log-ins so I don't post from work.

I will try and remember to create a list o' links to post when I get home.

Meanwhile, scratch your collective heads over this one:
Convicted serial rapist wins 7m pound lottery. What to do, what to do.