Underwater threat 'returns'

This is obviously the work of the GGLF.
Conspiracy Theories Funny


carlo said...

y'know, i'd love it if your links weren't prefaced by an excellent display of your mastery of obscurity...
y'know, flesh stuff out. not all CRAZY fleshed out like wil wheaton, with the crying and the cancerous cats etc, but normal...
oh, and come over for scotch.

Pacanukeha said...

But, but, you are supposed to know who the GGLF (or FLNJ) are and therefore have context. It's like you're saying that you don't even know who the INSA are.

carlo said...

of COURSE i know who the INSA are!
They're the Incredibly Naive and Stupid Americans...

unless i'm mistaken, the GGLF are simply the Great and Godlike Laviscious Fornicators, and the FLNJ should be none other than the Freaking Long Name Jokes.

there you have it!

Pacanukeha said...

Ha! It was a trick question. They are actually called the IKSA.

GGLF - Garden Gnome Liberation Front
FLNJ - Front de Liberation des Nains Jardineire
IKSA - International Knifey-Spooney Association

carlo said...

double HA! i knew that! whenfore dost thou deign to honour us with thine scotch drinking presence?

IKSA is secretly the Incredible Knowledge of Suppositories Ass.

you shoulda known that!