Isaac Asimov would love this one

50 odd years ago Isaac Asimov wrote a short story. It tells the tale of a galactic bureaucrat who is inscribing the location of the galaxies' newest sentient culture. He is chatting with the underling who brought him the news of the event that thresholds the arrival of a new entrant, the testing of an atomic bomb. "Soon their spaceships will be soaring out beyond their orbital stations and moons to explore their system and the great beyond and there we will meet them with open arms."

"I am sorry to report sir, that it may take some time, they have not yet launched any spacecraft." [this was true 50 years or so ago when the story was written]

"What?" cried the elder. "Where did they test the bomb?"

"On the surface of their own planet, sir."

"Oh." says the other one and, grimly shaking his head, firmly crossed out their name from the great book.

Physicists Prepare to create quantum black holes

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