[Edited] A self-identified white guy blogger comments on the looting and the shooting and raises some very salient points - as a gamer I have to agree with him them.

Seriously, stipulate that you have guns and ammo at home, but you're worried supplies will run low, and you know from personal experience watching TV this whole fucking week that you are totally on your own. Are you telling me you'd wait there like a putz? 'Oh the government will come soon.' With your children? You wouldn't go down to crowbar the front off the CVS? You're lying. All these 'shoot-to-kill' warbloggers can kiss my ass. They would be the first ones out there, if they had the guts to go outside. More likely they'd die with cheeto dust on their hands in the basement, having just won convincingly at Risk.

Come the rapture and I claim Place Alexis Nihon - Pharmaprix, IGA, Canadian Tire, Sports Experts and Radio Shack all-in-one. A lot of entrances though. Any better suggestions?
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ogged said...

Alameida is a woman.

Pacanukeha said...

Yes, my apologies to her. And to all, I guess, for the assumption. My only feeble excuse which I am making up now, on the sperm of the moment, is that the Gender Genie agrees with me:

Female Score: 166
Male Score: 181

The Gender Genie thinks the author of this passage is: male!

OK, barely, but I'll take whatever straws are floating by.