Web site sues Google over drop in rank

KinderStart.com is suing Google because their Google PageRank has fallen dramatically. It seems that many of their high traffic pages are being blacklisted, click-throughs have fallen off a cliff and ad revenue is in free-fal right next to them. When asked about well known techniques used to drive up PageRank. a company spokesman said

This is not about playing games.
No guys, it's about building a business around the assumption that Google is doing something now and will continue to do so, and then getting shocked when a company with whom you have no contracts or guarantees does something without consulting you. Idiots. They are claiming that their first-amendment rights are being infringed on because their message isn't being delivered. As many other have said, the 1st amendment guarantees your right to say something, it most certainly doesn't guarantee you an audience.

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