Explosives? What explosives? Ooooh. Those explosives.

It seems that the International Atomic Energy Agency (you know, the ones who were inspecting Iraq for nuclear weapons and didn't find any) had sealed off 350 tons of HMX and RDX explosives because it is "dual-use" (you need some excellent explosive to ram the parts of a nuke together to make it go boom). The location of the stuff was disseminated to those who needed to know (including the yanks several times). Now during the invasion, when everyone and their brother was either

  • looting, or

  • landing on aircraft carriers acting all macho,

it all went missing. Yup. 350 tons of the stuff. At 2.5 pounds per car bomb, I'd say the insurgents/terrorists/ba'athists haven't even made a dent in a small corner of their stockpile.

Great planning George! Oh, and Don? The bit about new wars not needing lots of soldiers? Turns out not to be the case.

Oh yeah, and they told the interim Iraqi gov't not to tell anyone. They've known it was gone since at least May/2003.

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