Don't Click It!

An experiment in UI design that doesn't involve clicking. I like it. A lot. An example of what i want to see it applied to is this wikipedia page concerning Monaco. You will notice that the History section contains a link to a more detailed History of Monaco page. I love this idea - I wish it was implemented in Ajax so the text actually expanded in place. The idea of zooming on a hypertext like we zoom on a map has enormous potential.


lucky said...

Pretty, maybe even a little impressive, but the animations demand a processing capability several orders of magnitude greater than simple text. Computer-ownership is still a luxury for most people, 'net access an even greater luxury... this--though full of wonderful potential--remains, for now, a toy.

Pacanukeha said...

Pish! And, dare I say, Tosh! To decry the usefullness of UI research and innovation is just plain stranmge to me. Should we do nothing but use CLIs until ubiquitous computing and epaper are globally available? The easier things are to use, the more universal their attraction. I see that you are more than happy to use a toy

Pacanukeha said...

Huh. Can't edit my reply. How very "stranmge".