Reason: The Life-Preserver President:How long can Republicans stay afloat?

Reason: The Life-Preserver President:How long can Republicans stay afloat?
I'll give away the twist in the tale. Massive dislike of Bush and his policies by the democrats. Massive support for same by republicans. Indpendants (approx #0% of US voters) agree with the dems on everything but terrorism.

Now, terrorism is bad, m'kay? But seriously - not so bad that you should elect Bush.

The irony of it all is that the reason terrorism and the terrorists still have such a grip on the hearts and hearts (umm, no minds here, move along) of the US voting public, the reason that your friend and mine is still in power rather than behind bars for lying to Congress and the world, the reason is ... drum roll please, the sensationalist liberal media!

Hee hee. Don't you think that is the funniest thing ever? No, me neither, but the irony is delicious.

For what it is worth, I believe that the news media as a whole are firmly centrist with liberal reporters but conservative editors - they come off as liberal because they are tasteless (and the fundies refuse to admit that their own prurient interests are fueling that fire) and they come of as conservative because they are incompetant (and so incapable of holding those in power to task for their wrong doings). I exclude obvious mouth-pieces for one side or the other like Fox News or Air America.

3 posts in one day with actual commentary? Whatever is wrong Dr. Jones?

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