Bill C-74, the Modernization of Investigative Techniques Act,

[Update - I don't know why they are bothering with all of the hoopla and law-making when your privacy is for sale on teh interweb]

Otherwise known as the surveillance bill.

As you may have suspected, Michael Geist has a thing or two to say. As you may imagine my feelings on this are:

  • They cannot provide me with a rigourous analysis proving the need because they do not have one, instead they have a police and RCMP shopping list.
  • Our neighbours to the south are suffering from this and it has gained them nothing except an ongoing epidemic of invasion of privacy and expenses

The CBC report does nothing to address concerns and merely parrots the government line: "waah, the Americans, British, and Australians are doing it, why can't we?" The AP report uses the term "eavesdropping bill" which is less than flattering.

I expect to hear more about this in the days and weeks to come, right up to the point where an election is called and the bill dies a quiet death.

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