Education and Copyright - Some Canadian Confusion

Compare as we dare, milk with aero. The Canadian Heritage Report of 2004 is still doing damage. From the WIPO report:

Many options are available to us at this time. Some content is online and there is no expectation for payment for its use. How can we take this into account? The following was suggested: If a technical protection measure is not imposed to lock users out of the content, then the education sector should be able to use such content. We would like for the education sector to assume that things on the Internet can be used freely unless it explicitly states that they are not. There are two schools of thought on this.
Emphasis added. The two schools of thought seem to be:
  • Education is important.
  • I am a corporate whore and think that unless a teacher has a copy of an explicit license for them to use some internet content with a specific group of students at a specific place on a specific date then they should assume that the content is protected and unusable even if the front page of the website says "Welcome all students and teachers to our free awesome learning tool. The. Best. Evar."

To which I, of course respond
  • Yay.
  • Where is my gun?


nudecybot said...

I harmonize with your reaction to "education is good." But as to your reaction to the "corporate whores" -> Your being Canadian, but not one of the small minority population of hunters here (whether for sport or otherwise), makes it quite likely that you don't have a gun and even if you do are unlikely to be more than randomly dangerous with it. If you do have a gun there is a more than 50% chance that it is an American made gun so if you do plan on shooting it off please cross the border first. Thanks!

nudecybot said...

Oh...did you mean figuratively? Somewhat like the statement "information wants to be free"?

Those to try to own information play a dangerous (though often very profitable) game. What I want to know from those who have it is where did they get it in the first place?

Pacanukeha said...

Comment the 1st:
The cost to society of my innaccuracy with a weapon will be off-set by the gain in net health as everyone gets exercise running away from me.

Comment the 2nd:
No, it was a real question, there was something annoying on TV and I was distracted while typing.